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3 hours ago
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4 hours ago
Nick commented on Robert Gates's video The SpitFire Sisters
"It's quite a nice documentary, though every time I see it the footage of the actress in the spit wearing a black and inaccurate uniform irks me a bit"
5 hours ago
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7 hours ago
Dose she really do the right thing ?

  • Kevin Walsh Got to be one of my favourites , the
    mythical Milford junction where it all began is Carnforth Station were it was filmed in 1945
    Its a steam railway visitors centre in Lancashire now and you can even stand under the clock were they meet every Thursday afternoon and have tea and cake in the tea room at the same table
    And I did :)
    2 hours ago
  • Rebbecca Victoria Oh my goodness i need to watch this. Thanks for posting.
    5 hours ago
  • John Bizley I still need to watch this, have this and it's still in it's wrapper! Really must find some time. There is nothing like the good old films of yesteryear.
    5 hours ago
  • Georgie H-B I love this film. Does she do the right thing? In those days probably. It seems a tame film today, but when it was made this was quite risque.
    7 hours ago
Norman Wright commented on Georgie H-B's post WVS Uniform in Military Uniforms - Allied
"Even as a man who would not be wearing the WVS kit I found this interesting, the amount of detail that comes from the research is amazing.
Bookmarked for future reference and passing on to friends :)"
9 hours ago

The first thing
  • John Bizley This is great kevin, you should add this to our main video section, just grab the embed code instead of the YouTube link. There's some instruction in the help files. Be interested to see how you get on posting there.
    5 hours ago
  • Georgie H-B Love it!
    7 hours ago
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18 hours ago
Robert Gates’s video was featured
Fact Not Fiction Film: A UK documentary that tells the story of the remarkable ladies who flew for the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in World War Two.
Site Founder’s post was featured
The results and winners of the July Photo Competition will be announced here on Friday.
The Andrews Sisters - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
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Counting up the photo competition ' likes ' so will be announcing the winners on Friday! Thanks to everyone who entered and all those that voted. More competitions coming soon.
Mark Cass left a comment for Rebbecca Victoria
"Hi Rebbecca, nice to make your acquaintance :) It's always great to meet other younger people so passionate about the era :)"
I hope everyone likes the NEW Activity Wall. I am still doing a little updating so you may see it change a little over the next day or two. I will post a full write up on it and how it all works in due course.
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Georgie H-B posted a post in Military Uniforms - Allied
I thought I add this link for all those people who are interested in WVS reenactment. I have seen all sorts of uniforms reported emphatically by the wearer as being a genuine WW2 dress/suit or a faithful reproduction. I have also seen arguments over this nearly coming to blows! The problem with WVS is it continued (and still does as the WRVS) well after the war and the style of dress and suit did not change until much later. However, the material did. The tweed suit gave way to an all green woo…
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